Just Doin' Even Better

now to make your day even better...

Tips from Sara 

Always find something soft and squishy to cuddle with. 

Also important - DO NOT PUT A BAG OVER YOUR HEAD, don't forget to laugh and stay active. 

Do we care? Nope

Some people would only put “nice pictures” of their family on the internet. We are not some people. 

Don't Drink and Drive

It can end badly...

Drinking and driving can cause around 10,000 deaths every year. Don't be the person in the image, be a safe and sober driver.

Quarantine With Style

Here's an exclusive look at how we spent our quarantine

Knitting! This one of a kind stuffed toy is the perfect and hottest new quarantine toy. I mean look at it, its beautiful!

Others chose to eat their feelings. Another great way to spend quarantine! Look at this girl go!

There's nothing like learning to drive and waiting at the DMV for four hours only to find out you have the wrong paperwork! Driving around town in the hottest new cars is the best quarantine style!